1. Real-Time Updates

    Unlike many other content filtering systems, SurfProtect filtering updates in real time. That means that, moments after you block a site, it will be inaccessible, while unblocked sites become usable practically as soon as you need them. Because SurfProtect’s designed for convenience, authorised users can change certain levels of filtering settings any time they want, so you don’t have to wait around for busy IT staff to implement changes.

  2. Categorised Filtering

    SurfProtect automatically categorises websites by the content that they display, making it easy for you to cut off any kind of content you don’t want to be accessible for your business or school.

    Our latest version of SurfProtect even brings in multi-site-classification, so you’ll be able to decide how your filtering policy handles sites with multiple kinds of classification.

  3. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Filtering

    As SurfProtect implements network level filtering, all traffic on your internet connection is filtered – regardless of the machine or device used to access it. This means that once a student / employee logs in to Wi-Fi on their tablet, the default SurfProtect settings will automatically be enacted on the device, allowing them to access the internet safely from the moment they are online.

  4. Intuitive Web-Based Portal

    SurfProtect’s filtering settings are all controlled through a powerful, versatile and intuitive web-based portal. This lets authorised users review and edit filtering policies any time that they’re connected to the Internet, giving you total convenience and making sure that you’re always in control of your content filtering.

  5. Cost-Effective Content Filtering

    If you’re using one of Exa’s high-quality Internet connections, SurfProtect Cloud is absolutely free, though our more advanced SurfProtect Fusion system has some additional costs for hardware and maintenance. Not an Exa customer? No problem - SurfProtect Proxy costs just £500 + VAT a year for those using Internet services from an alternate ISP, while SurfProtect Fusion is also available for an extra cost.

  6. Domain Doctor

    Wondering why a site has been blocked? Our Domain Doctor has the answers. Just log into SurfProtect, and you'll be able to find out which filtering policy is responsible for a particular page being blocked.

  7. Profile Overview

    If you've set up multiple filtering profiles for different users, computers or locations, our Profile Overview gives you a convenient way to compare and contrast the settings applied to each profile. The overview places your profiles side by side, letting you quickly see any differences. If you've got several profiles, turning on Comparison mode highlights any differences between profiles for a convenient overview.

  8. Secure Site (HTTPS) Filtering

    Many sites use the secure HTTPS protocol to keep your details safe at all times. While this improvement in security is a big advantage for customers, it does pose something of a problem for many content filtering systems. Using our hardware-based SurfProtect Fusion system, you can completely filter HTTPS sites however you choose, while SurfProtect Cloud and Proxy still give you partial HTTPS filtering, letting you block sites entirely, while Fusion can filter content within HTTPS pages.

  9. Individual User Filtering

    SurfProtect lets you create totally different filtering policies for different users and user groups. That means that you can make sure that everyone can see / use sites that are appropriate for them, while still blocking other users from those same sites. Schools can give teachers access to websites that wouldn’t be appropriate for students, while businesses can ensure that staff with different responsibilities get access to the sites they need.

  10. Complete Customisation

    SurfProtect’s filtering policies are absolutely customisable, so that you get the exact level of filtering that you want. We provide a range of preset umbrella filters to let you start filtering with one click (from meeting the terms of the Prevent Duty to cutting off adult content), while our category filtering allows you to block various different types of content. Finally, using SurfProtect Fusion, you can prevent searches for any blocked keyword.

  11. Search and Youtube Filtering

    SurfProtect Fusion lets you easily apply filtering settings to search engines, completely cutting off results for inappropriate searches on sites. Whether your users are using Google, Bing, or any other search engine, you can filter results easily, while Fusion also lets you filter video searches on Youtube.

    SurfProtect is also completely integrated with Youtube for Education, letting students check out educational videos without being exposed to any inappropriate content.

  12. Per-Computer Filtering

    Along with our individual user / user group filtering, SurfProtect Fusion lets you easily create filtering policies for different computers. This feature is useful in a wide range of situations - does your company have customer-facing computers? Make sure they can only access approved sites with a walled garden policy. Are there computers in your staff room? Ensure that your teachers can access the material they need.

  13. Restrict Social Media

    Social media is one of the biggest time wasters for companies, and can be a source of bullying in schools. With SurfProtect, you can completely block social media sites, while still letting certain user groups access the sites - particularly useful for businesses with digital marketing and sales teams.

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