Discover SurfProtect® Quantum Features

SurfProtect Quantum is one of the single most advanced content filtering services on the market today, with a wide range of advanced features delivering excellent performance and total flexibility for schools and businesses. On this page, we've put together some information about some of the major features provided to SurfProtect Quantum users.

A completely Cloud-based filtering service, SurfProtect Quantum introduces a host of features previously only available through hardware-based services. This means that you'll receive market-leading performance while significantly cutting costs across the board.

Right now, SurfProtect Quantum is in an early release state, as our team work to build and incorporate even more fantastic features for the service. We'll be updating this chart as we add new features, so stay updated via our Twitter page, head to the SurfProtect blog for more in-depth information, or get in touch with our team at 0345 145 1234 to find out more.

  1. Cloud-Based Excellence

    With the development of SurfProtect Quantum, we've created the most advanced Cloud-based content filtering service to date, providing a wide range of features previously only available through hardware-based options, like our former SurfProtect Fusion service.

    As such, SurfProtect Quantum is more flexible, easier to install, and provides better value for money than any other content filtering system on the market.

  2. Categorised Filtering

    SurfProtect Quantum is designed to automatically categorise websites by the content that they contain, with an advanced system assigning sites into a number of categories, allowing you to accurately block sites as part of your overall filtering profile.

    Our service automatically blocks certain categories of site as part of the Prevent Duty, while allowing you to select how a number of other categories are treated.

  3. Complete HTTPS Filtering

    With more and more websites moving towards using HTTPS encryption rather than HTTP, it's important to have a content filtering system that can properly handle filtering for secure sites.

    To support this, we've designed SurfProtect Quantum to allow for complete categorisation and filtering of HTTPS sites, an advanced feature that has only previously been available through hardware-based filtering options.

  4. Convenient Web Portal Customisation

    From walled garden filtering to more open policies, there's a lot of different approaches to content filtering, with no one option for everyone. As such, SurfProtect is completely customisable through an intuitive online portal.

    With SurfProtect Quantum you can build a filtering policy that exactly suits your needs, while a number of umbrella filtering profiles let you apply pre-made settings for convenient out-the-box usage.

  5. Real-Time Updates

    One of the more effective features that SurfProtect Quantum provides is the fact that it updates in real time. As such, if you block a site, it'll be blocked across your network within moments, while sites that you're unblocking become accessible near-instantly.

    As such, Quantum provides complete content filtering convenience, ensuring minimum disruption if anything needs to be changed at any time.

  6. Active Directory Profile Creation

    With SurfProtect Quantum now enabling Active Directory integration (previously hardware-exclusive), you can create individual filtering profiles for individual users and computers.

    As such, you can apply different filtering settings for different users, allowing access to different categories of site for different profiles, giving you absolutely complete customisation.

  7. Advanced Web Analytics

    We've recently launched an all-new analytics service for SurfProtect Quantum. With our SurfProtect Analytics panel, you'll be able to see how your Internet connection has been used over the last few months.

    Inside the analytics panel, you can view the sites most frequently visited by users, along with all the blocked sites and searches made through the connection, while Active Directory integration lets you see exactly who has attempted to access any service.

  8. Network-Level BYOD Filtering

    With SurfProtect Quantum, you can set up a default filtering profile across your network, which lets you block sites, content categories, and search terms by default across all devices, including iPads, Chromebooks, mobile and more.

    We're currently working on developing even more in-depth content filtering options for a number of different devices - stay tuned for more!

  9. Search and Social Filtering

    With the advanced Cloud-based performance provided by SurfProtect Quantum, you can choose to block certain searches through Google, Bing and more, while also letting you apply SafeSearch across all searches made.

    You can also apply filtering to Youtube, preventing access to certain types of video. Beyond this, SurfProtect's content filtering categories let you completely cut off access to social media sites - and far more.

  10. Identifying Blocked Sites

    With our convenient Domain Doctor system, you'll be able to determine exactly what causes a particular site to be blocked, whether that's the category the content has been sorted into, a specific policy or a direct block.

    You can also check whether a site is blocked at all, review any particular resources being blocked within a site, and - crucially - change classifications.

  11. Cost Effective Content Filtering

    At Exa Networks, we're committed to giving our customers completely fair prices across all of our services. As such, SurfProtect Quantum is significantly less expensive than other content-filtering services.

    We charge different prices for schools and businesses, depending on scale, with Exa connectivity customers getting an even better deal - head to our individual school content filtering and business filtering services for more information, or get in touch at 0345 145 1234.