SurfProtect® Quantum Content Filtering for Education

Content filtering is a fundamentally important service for all schools and academies, allowing you to take control over how your Internet connection is used, keeping students safe online. It's important to have an effective content filtering service, and that's exactly what SurfProtect Quantum provides.

Designed by Exa Networks, a leading independent education ISP, SurfProtect Quantum is an all-new, Prevent Duty-compliant content filtering service which uses a unique Cloud-based design to offer schools completely flexible, effective filtering performance around the clock - all at a budget-friendly price thanks to our unique Cloud-based design.

With SurfProtect Quantum, schools can easily develop a content filtering policy which exactly suits their requirements, through an intuitive online panel, while several preset options mean that the service provides Prevent Duty compliant filtering right out of the box.

We've recently redesigned SurfProtect Quantum to deliver even better content filtering for education, with a host of new, advanced features including complete Active Directory Integration and HTTPS filtering, while working on even more, with SurfProtect Quantum currently in early access (but usable right now!). Read on to find out more about SurfProtect Quantum's features, or get in touch at 0345 145 1234 to talk directly to a team member about your school's requirements.

Completely Cloud-Based Prevent Duty Compliant Site Classification Filtering Profile Creation HTTPS Site Filtering
Bespoke Filtering Customisation Real-Time Updates Active Directory Integration Search & Youtube Filtering Per-Computer/ User Filtering
Advanced Filtering Analytics BYOD Filtering Options Social Site Blocking Umbrella Filtering Options Easily Check Site Classification

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Introducing the new SurfProtect

Since 2004, we've been providing schools around the country with high-quality content filtering via our SurfProtect service. With filtering requirements having changed hugely over the years, we've redeveloped SurfProtect from the ground up for the release of SurfProtect Quantum, the most advanced filtering service available on the market today.

Designed to deliver unmatched customisability and a huge range of features at a low price, SurfProtect Quantum is an ideal choice for schools looking for content filtering. No matter what your requirements, with SurfProtect Quantum, it's easy to build an effective filtering policy that keeps your students truly safe online.

Prevent Duty Compliant Filtering

The Prevent Duty is one of the most important regulations for schools to follow, requiring that schools adequately protect students from extremist content. SurfProtect Quantum is built to provide Prevent Duty compliant filtering right out the box, with the preset Prevent Duty filtering profile allowing you to completely block the content targeted by the Prevent Duty.

That's far from all - SurfProtect Quantum can block practically any kind of content, allowing schools to keep students completely safe online. Designed in accordance with years of experience working to provide content filtering excellence, SurfProtect Quantum gives you the flexibility and performance needed to suit the requirements of any school or academy.

Simple Profile Creation

In any given school or academy, different groups need to have access to different websites. As a basic example, you may not want students to have access to Youtube, while some teachers may want to use videos from the site in lessons.

SurfProtect Quantum now allows for complete Active Directory integration, which makes setting up these rules completely simple - essentially, you'll be able to set up different filtering profiles for different users, user groups and even individual machines, giving you complete control over what content can be accessed.

Complete Site Categorisation

SurfProtect Quantum automatically categorises websites based on the content that they display, sorting websites and the material that they contain into a number of categories, even multi-classifying sites when multiple categories are applicable.

Through our convenient online portal, you can choose which categories you want to block, and which ones you want to allow, with complete flexibility as to how your policy works (our umbrella presets let you easily block certain category sets - everything covered by the Prevent Duty, for instance).

Along with automatic categorisation, SurfProtect lets you directly block or unblock particular sites, while our Domain Doctor and Domain Classification tools let you see how and why a site has been classified.

Search, Social and Youtube Filtering

SurfProtect Quantum doesn't just filter websites and their content. With our service able to filter HTTPS-encrypted sites, you can filter search results across a range of search engines, ensuring an even more in-depth level of protection.

Along with search engines, you can filter the results returned when users search on Youtube, letting you completely cut out inappropriate video content while still allowing access to the vast range of genuinely useful educational videos available through the site.

SurfProtect Quantum also lets you easily block any given social media site, stopping students from using Facebook, Twitter and more while they're at school. With SurfProtect automatically categorising social media sites, it's simple to block the sites through our intuitive online panel.

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

It's important to be able to keep an eye on how your students are using the Internet. As such, SurfProtect Quantum includes a detailed analytics system, letting you see exactly what's happening across your network.

Signing into the Analytics Panel, you'll see a number of graphs and stats showing the sites and searches that have been accessed and blocked - typically through the last 3 months. Through our panel, you can take a more in-depth look at this information, seeing exactly how your connection is used at any given time.

With Active Directory integration enabled, you can even see exactly who's accessed (or tried to access) a site or search, letting you identify any potential causes for concern.

Complete Filtering Customisation

One of the latest features that we've added to SurfProtect Quantum, our advanced analytics suite gives you a direct look at how your company's Internet connection is being used day-to-day, letting you identify any potential causes for concern and possible improvements to your filtering policy.

When you log into our analytics panel, you'll see a complete rundown of the sites that people have visited and the searches that they've made, along with the sites and searches blocked by SurfProtect's filtering settings. Our analytics panel lets you take an in-depth look at how your connection is used, picking out individual sites as well as overall trends.

If you've set up Active Directory integration, you'll be able to take things one step further, as our system lets you check exactly who tried to access any given site, or made any recorded search.

Find out more about SurfProtect Quantum

SurfProtect Quantum is the latest and greatest version of our SurfProtect content filtering service, originally launched way back in 2004. Over the years, we've continually worked to deliver even better content filtering performance and flexibility, with SurfProtect Quantum now including a host of features that have previously only been available through expensive hardware-based content filtering options.

As an ISP, one of our key aims is to deliver incredible performance and service to our customers. Along with our award-winning support team, we provide major SurfProtect discounts to those using our excellent education Internet connectivity as part of our services:

SurfProtect Quantum Licence Annual Cost
Primary Schools (Not using Exa Connectivity) £750
Secondary Schools (Not using Exa Connectivity) £1000
Primary Schools (With Exa Connectivity) £100
Secondary Schools (With Exa Connectivity) £250

If you'd like to find out more about what SurfProtect Quantum can do for your school, get in touch with our team today! You can reach us at 0345 145 1234, or just fill in the form below - we'll get in touch with you.