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Content filtering is an important part of keeping students safe, making sure that they don’t see inappropriate content online, from adult content to hate speech. With an incredible amount of educational resources available online, students now use the Internet far more often, and schools need an effective content filtering solution more than ever before.

SurfProtect is one of the leading content filtering tools for schools around the UK. Giving you completely flexible control over your filtering policy while providing powerful and effective filtering, SurfProtect makes sure that your students are kept safe online while still letting them access useful sites, resources and tools.

If your school is already using one of Exa Education’s high-capacity, low-cost Internet connections, SurfProtect Cloud is completely free (the hardware and maintenance for Fusion is a small additional cost). We provide SurfProtect free as part of giving you the best Internet service and support available around. Not an Exa customer? We’ve still got some content filtering solutions for you. Our SurfProtect Proxy costs just £500 a year, while Fusion is available with some additional costs.

Our three versions of SurfProtect each come with a range of different advantages, each designed to suit different schools. Below, we’ve taken a quick look at what each kind of SurfProtect has to offer, while our SurfProtect Versions page gives you more in-depth information.

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SurfProtect is one of the most advanced content filtering systems available for schools, with a whole selection of features and advantages designed so that you get the exact level of filtering that you want for your school. Check out the boxes below for a look at some of SurfProtect’s most effective features and unique advantages for schools.

If you’re looking for a more in-depth look at content filtering for schools, head over to our SurfProtect Resources page, where you’ll find information about SurfProtect’s features, user guides, news and useful resources.
Useful educational resources can occasionally be blocked for any number of reasons. With most content filtering software, getting this changed can be a big problem - particularly if you find out the resource is blocked right before a lesson.

With SurfProtect, unblocking useful websites isn’t a problem: it’s easy for authorised teachers to change a site’s filtering at any time. Once a change has been made, changes to filtering policies across your school’s network activates in real time, so classes will never have to wait around for useful resources to be unlocked.

However, there’s some content which you might not want to display at any point. Using SurfProtect, you can set up multiple permission levels, keeping content like hate speech or adult material filtered at all times, while still letting teachers change filtering for other kinds of content.
Content filtering isn’t necessarily a one-size-fits-all matter, particularly in schools. Teachers and students often need access to different sites, while different levels of content are appropriate for different age groups. Using SurfProtect, you can easily design a range of filtering policies which accommodates for these different profiles.

Through our intuitive SurfProtect panel, it’s simple to design multiple policies, which can be designated to different groups of users however you choose. You can even assign different policies to individual computers and locations - ideal for designated library computers, staff room systems and more.

Using SurfProtect, it’s easy to design whatever kind of policy you’re looking for, while our system makes it easy to change your content filtering at any point you choose.
With many schools introducing BYOD schemes and tablet programmes, content filtering solutions need to be able to work on tablets and laptops. With SurfProtect, you can implement a filtering policy across your entire network, filtering content on any connected device. This ensures that students are never exposed to inappropriate content, and can get the best possible use out of their tablets / other devices.
SurfProtect is designed to give you complete control, letting you get the exact level of filtering that you need for your school. As such, we have several different levels of filtering that you can use for creating your ideal content filtering policy.

Firstly, we offer several umbrella presets, letting you get started with a filtering policy in a single click. Our presets range from filtering violent / adult content to highly filtered walled garden filtering and an option for instantly fulfilling the Prevent Duty’s requirements. Beyond that, SurfProtect automatically categorises sites according to their content, letting you pick what kind of websites get blocked.

With SurfProtect letting you designate multiple filtering policies, you can block different categories for different age groups, keeping younger students away from more mature content, while our multi-categorisation system lets you decide how sites with multiple types of content are filtered.

Finally, if you’re using our advanced SurfProtect Fusion option, keyword filtering lets you block online searches which contain certain phrases: inappropriate language, hate-related phrases - anything you choose to filter.
Introduced in 2015, the Prevent Duty is a legal requirement that schools protect children from radicalisation, which requires that hate material be filtered. SurfProtect is designed to make meeting the Prevent Duty’s requirements as simple as possible - in our panel, you’ll find a range of Umbrella Presets which immediately block certain categories.

Selecting the Prevent preset immediately blocks radical material, putting your school in compliance with the duty. It’s also possible to manually set category and keyword filtering to comply with the Prevent Duty, though we’d recommend using the preset for simplicity and to avoid any missed categories.
Most large websites don’t just have one kind of content, hosting many different kinds of content. SurfProtect assigns multiple classifications to sites which cover different areas, letting you get complete control over how sites with multiple types of content are filtered.

To demonstrate, you may be blocking games sites, and may not be blocking news sites. A lot of news-related sites have some content involving games, and may be categorised as primarily having news content, with games as a secondary categorisation. You can decide which policy takes priority - placing the unblocked news category above the blocked games category would avoid blocking the page.

By placing adult / hate content right at the top of your priorities list, you can ensure that completely inappropriate material is always blocked.

If useful content still ends up being blocked, SurfProtect means that you can easily unblock the page for your students. With filtering policies updating in real time, changing the classification for pages can be changed in an instant.
Malware embedded in downloaded files is one of the biggest cybersecurity concerns around today. A lot of damaging software, from ransomware to data-stealing programs, is found in files which claim to be something legitimate. Malware spread through this manner is a major problem for schools, with students often having issues when it comes to cybersecurity.

With SurfProtect, you can completely block downloads with certain file name extensions, cutting off the majority of this kind of malware. Stop executable .exe files entirely, block .doc and .ppt files which can contain harmful macros, and more.
Depending on which version of SurfProtect you choose, you’ll have access to different logging and reporting options. If you’re using SurfProtect, we log how your school’s Internet connection is used. If you’re using Cloud or Proxy, you’ll be able to get an overview of how your connection has been used at any time. We’re currently working on adding some new reporting capabilities for Cloud and Proxy - stay tuned for more @exanetworks!

SurfProtect Fusion has a comprehensive reporting interface, with real-time reports showing you which websites are being accessed and requested, who’s requesting them, what’s being blocked and far more. The reports are searchable, and can be exported to CSV format for your convenience.

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* SurfProtect Cloud and Proxy can entirely block HTTPS sites, but can't filter within them, while Fusion can.

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SurfProtect® is a registered trademark of Exa Networks Limited.