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While it’s often associated with the education sector, content filtering can also be a genuinely important tool for businesses of any kind. Internet access is absolutely vital for practically every modern day company on some level, and content filtering makes sure that your employees can work to the very best of their ability while avoiding exposure to harmful content.

SurfProtect from Exa Networks is the absolute best choice for businesses looking for a content filtering solution. With complete flexibility, SurfProtect lets you get the exact level of filtering you need for your company, backed up by powerful performance (trusted by businesses and schools around the UK) and convenient design.

We provide SurfProtect free for any company using one of our Internet connections (SurfProtect Fusion, our hardware-based filtering option, has some additional hardware and warranty costs). If you’re just looking for a content filtering solution, and aren’t using an Exa connection, SurfProtect Proxy costs just £500 + VAT, while Fusion is available with some additional costs.

We offer three different versions of SurfProtect, each bringing a range of features designed to help companies like yours improve efficiency, cut down on wasted time and offer a better level of service. You’ll find a basic comparison of features below, while our SurfProtect Versions page takes an in-depth look at the advantages each version offers for your company:

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SurfProtect has a wide range of features designed to support businesses in various ways, all designed to give you complete control over how your content filtering system works. Below, we’ve explained some of SurfProtect’s most useful features and how your business can benefit through content filtering.

If you’re looking for more information about SurfProtect’s features, just head over to our Resources page, where you’ll find in-depth pieces on what SurfProtect can do, and how to use all of its features to benefit your company.
Businesses lose a surprisingly large amount of productivity and money from time wasting - about 759 hours a year per employee, according to Think Money. A 2016 study from Harris Poll and CareerBuilder estimated that 41% of employees regularly wasted time browsing the Internet, 37% wasted time on social media, and 26% spent time on personal email while at work - 3 of the biggest causes of wasted work time.

SurfProtect can help you reduce wasted time in all of these areas. With complete flexibility, you can block specific pages, prevent particular categories of page from being accessed entirely, control the use of applications and more.

Of course, blanket bans aren’t always the answer. That’s why SurfProtect lets you choose exactly how your company’s filtering policy works. You can allow access to particular sites within banned categories, allow certain computers and users to access different sites, and far more - SurfProtect makes creating and managing your filtering policy completely simple.
One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to content filtering. That’s why SurfProtect is built around giving you the ability to choose exactly how your filtering policy works on all levels. At a basic level, you can choose a range of preset filtering settings, or build a policy by blocking certain categories of website (explicit material, hate speech, and far more).

SurfProtect’s intuitive design makes it easy for you to designate a more in-depth filtering policy. Secure HTTPS sites can be filtered partially via Cloud / Proxy, or entirely with Fusion, certain security risk file types can be blocked from downloading, and filtering policy changes are activated in real-time. That last point means that you won’t have to wait around if useful material is blocked - it can be unblocked in just moments.

Perhaps most importantly, SurfProtect Fusion lets you set different levels of access for different computers, locations and users. Different groups of employees may need to reach different sites, while certain computers may need different filtering policies - Fusion lets you create profile settings to fit any requirements.
Most digital security experts will tell you that people are the weakest link in security, a fact that cybercriminals prey upon. From phishing sites to viruses in downloads, ransomware and harmful macros, cybercriminals have a range of tactics which exploit people in order to steal money and valuable data or cause damage.

SurfProtect includes some dedicated features designed to help you improve your cybersecurity, backing up security training for your employees. With our completely customisable filtering settings, you can prevent some of the most common types of attack. Block phishing sites with our category filtering options, prevent .exe files from being downloaded by users, and cut off file types that often include macros.

Using SurfProtect’s per-user filtering, you can set up someone with permission to download any blocked files - this allows you to review any blocked downloads, ensuring that users can still access useful files, while avoiding any security concerns.
Different kinds of employees need access to different kinds of websites to do their job. While blocking social media may increase productivity for some staff, you wouldn’t want to prevent marketeers from using your company’s accounts. Similarly, while preventing employees from downloading .exe files can help improve security, blocking them for cybersecurity-trained workers may be more of a hindrance than a help.

That’s why SurfProtect lets you apply completely different filtering policies to different groups of employees, as well as different computers. You can design one filtering policy for one team, and apply a different one for another, or even set up varied policies for different computers - SurfProtect makes it simple to get the exact level of filtering your employees need.
Most websites don’t just have a single kind of content - a news site may be expected to have both sports content and financial information, for example. SurfProtect now attaches multiple categories to sites with a range of content. This lets you take control over how your filtering policies deal with multi-classified sites.

For example, you may be blocking sports pages. This will block any page that’s exclusively about sport. However, most news sites have sports sections. By ordering priorities, you could decide to block any site with any sports content, to unblock news sites with material on sports, and far more.

Of course, if useful pages still end up blocked, changing your filtering policy to permit them is simple. SurfProtect settings update in real time, so unblocking pages takes just a few moments.
SurfProtect offers a wide range of options when it comes to filtering, letting you get the exact level of filtering you want. Firstly, we offer a range of preset umbrella options for any company looking for a quick setup, ranging from blocking harmful / hate content to more full-on filtering choices.

Beyond that, we categorise websites based on their content, allowing you to simply filter out categories which aren’t appropriate for the office, from sexual content to gambling, sports, games and more. You can also easily block any given site without having to change any of your other policies.

If you’ve chosen our advanced SurfProtect Fusion solution, you can completely filter online searches by keyword. Whether you’re blocking inappropriate language, hate speech or anything else, setting up keyword filtering lets you stop all online searches using blocked keywords.
With our latest major upgrade for SurfProtect, we’ve added a lot of features designed for your convenience. Along with the many improvements we’ve designed to make filtering easier and more intuitive, our Domain Doctor is one of the most useful of these features, built to immediately show you why a particular site has been blocked.

Being able to understand why a page is blocked is particularly useful when you’re considering whether it should be accessible, and can also be important in making sure that your filtering policy isn’t overly restrictive.
Depending on which version of SurfProtect you choose, you’ll have access to different logging and reporting options. If you’re using SurfProtect, we log how your company’s Internet connection is used. If you’re using Cloud or Proxy, you’ll be able to get an overview of how your connection has been used at any time. We’re currently working on adding some new reporting capabilities for Cloud and Proxy - stay tuned for more @exanetworks!

SurfProtect Fusion has a comprehensive reporting interface, with real-time reports showing you which websites are being accessed and requested, who’s requesting them, what’s being blocked and far more. The reports are searchable, and can be exported to CSV format for your convenience.

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* SurfProtect Cloud and Proxy can entirely block HTTPS sites, but can't filter within them, while Fusion can.

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SurfProtect® is a registered trademark of Exa Networks Limited.