SurfProtect® Quantum Business Content Filtering

While often overlooked, content filtering is a highly important service for any modern business, with companies now relying on the Internet more than ever. Essentially, content filtering is all about controlling the online content that those using your Internet connection can access - vital for improving cybersecurity, maximising productivity and avoiding liability. When done effectively, business content filtering ensures that your employees can work to the best of their ability, while completely blocking any inappropriate content.

SurfProtect Quantum, from Exa Networks, is the single best choice for corporate content filtering. Designed for complete flexibility, SurfProtect Quantum lets users easily design a filtering policy that exactly matches their needs, while a range of preset options let you use SurfProtect effectively directly out the box.

We've recently redesigned SurfProtect from the ground up, creating SurfProtect Quantum, the most advanced Cloud-based content filtering system on the market, with a range of features previously only available through expensive hardware-based solutions. SurfProtect Quantum is currently in early access, as our team work to bring in even more features, though the service can be fully used right now.

Below, we've picked out some of SurfProtect Quantum's key features - head over to our content filtering features page to find out more, or get in touch with our team at 0345 145 1234 to discuss your requirements directly.

Completely Cloud-Based Prevent Duty Compliant Site Classification Filtering Profile Creation HTTPS Site Filtering
Bespoke Filtering Customisation Real-Time Updates Active Directory Integration Search & Youtube Filtering Per-Computer/ User Filtering
Advanced Filtering Analytics BYOD Filtering Options Social Site Blocking Umbrella Filtering Options Easily Check Site Classification

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An All-New SurfProtect

SurfProtect Quantum is a brand-new version of our SurfProtect content filtering software, built to deliver unmatched flexibility, cut costs and open up some fantastic new options. At the moment, our development team are working to create new, useful features. You can stay up-to-date with the latest SurfProtect features over at our SurfProtect blog.

We've reworked SurfProtect Quantum from the ground up to offer businesses a service that directly suits their needs, working based on feedback from the thousands of organisations using SurfProtect, as part of our focus on delivering market-leading service.

Business-Focused Filtering

Many content filtering services are primarily designed for education or home use. SurfProtect Quantum, however, is designed to be a highly effective content filtering service for enterprise use.

From the start, businesses have very different content filtering requirements from those of schools or individuals, while different companies use the Internet in different ways. As such, SurfProtect Quantum lets users create a bespoke filtering policy through an intuitive online portal, ensuring that every possible requirement is met.

As an example, while most companies will want to block harmful or workplace-inappropriate content, some may want to allow access to social media and video streaming sites, while others may consider these sites a problem for productivity. With SurfProtect, it's easy to build a policy that suits your requirements, with a number of preset options also allowing you to effectively filter from day one.

Effective Cloud Filtering

SurfProtect Quantum is a fully Cloud-based system, ensuring that it can be quickly deployed for any network. Traditionally, Cloud-based content filtering systems have had some weaknesses, with hardware-based systems necessary for several major features (and coming with a particularly high price tag).

With SurfProtect Quantum, we've uniquely combined the convenience of Cloud with the incredible features normally only available with hardware-based content filtering. As such, our filtering works on HTTPS-encrypted sites, allows for complete Active Directory integration, supports search filtering - and much more.

As such, we're able to charge a lot less for SurfProtect Quantum, bringing you more advanced service at a significantly lower cost - particularly if you're already using business Internet connectivity from Exa.

Automatic Site Categorisation

While there's a range of options for more detailed filtering, the main way in which SurfProtect Quantum filters sites is by using an advanced algorithm to categorise the content of any visited site. Using our simple online portal, you can directly choose which categories are blocked, with our umbrella filtering profiles letting you automatically block certain category combinations.

Our system categorises all content present on a site, and will block policy-prohibited content, even if the site itself is unblocked - for example, if you're blocking the 'sports' category, sports-related sections won't be visible on a news site, while sports-related sites will be completely blocked.

With our Domain Classification tool, you can check how any given site's been categorised, while our Domain Doctor system gives you a more in-depth look at how the categorisation has been reached.

Filtering Profile Creation

SurfProtect Quantum can fully integrate with Active Directory, opening up an effective new option for filtering. It's now possible to create a huge range of filtering profiles, from per-computer profiles to user group and individual logins. This gives you even better control over how your filtering policies work.

As a couple of examples, you might want to set up walled garden filtering on customer-facing computers, ensuring that they can only be used to access approved sites - or you may want to block social media sites for your staff, while leaving them open to the marketeers who run your social channels, or to your sales team so they can get in contact with more potential customers.

With SurfProtect content filtering, setting up policies like these (and far, far more) is completely simple, with a wide range of intuitive options for building your ideal filtering system.

Improving Business Cybersecurity

With a vast number of business-targeting malware around, it's incredibly important to have an effective cybersecurity policy for your company, and content filtering can be a big part of that, letting you completely block access to the kinds of site where you're likely to run into malware.

With SurfProtect Quantum, you have access to a wide range of options that can help you improve your company's online security. Along with the site categorisation we provide, you can choose to completely block certain file types from download, particularly including .exe and .pdf files.

Exa also offers several other options to support your cybersecurity - head over to our Fortinet page to find out about the market-leading firewalls we provide.

Advanced Filtering Analytics

One of the latest features that we've added to SurfProtect Quantum, our advanced analytics suite gives you a direct look at how your company's Internet connection is being used day-to-day, letting you identify any potential causes for concern and possible improvements to your filtering policy.

When you log into our analytics panel, you'll see a complete rundown of the sites that people have visited and the searches that they've made, along with the sites and searches blocked by SurfProtect's filtering settings. Our analytics panel lets you take an in-depth look at how your connection is used, picking out individual sites as well as overall trends.

If you've set up Active Directory integration, you'll be able to take things one step further, as our system lets you check exactly who tried to access any given site, or made any recorded search.

Find out more about SurfProtect Quantum

As a Cloud-based service, SurfProtect Quantum can easily and quickly be set up on your Internet connection, without any need to invest or wait for hardware to be delivered. Specifically designed to be the most flexible approach to content filtering available today, SurfProtect Quantum lets you get exactly what you want from your filtering, with an intuitive panel design making it easy to set up anything from walled garden settings to more permissive setups.

We're dedicated to giving our customers fantastic service at all times, from our award-winning support team to the direct support provided by our account managers. As such, we give customers using our Internet connectivity services major discounts on SurfProtect Quantum - see our prices below.

SurfProtect Quantum Licence Annual Cost
Businesses (Not using Exa Connectivity) £1000
Businesses (With Exa Connectivity) £250

If you'd like to find out more about SurfProtect Quantum, get in touch with our team today! You can reach us at 0345 145 1234, or just fill in the form below - we'll get in touch with you.