Discover Next-Generation Content Filtering with SurfProtect® Quantum

At Exa Networks, we're always working to give our customers a better level of service. As such, we're proud to be introducing the latest, most advanced version of our SurfProtect content filtering software - SurfProtect Quantum. Redesigned from the ground up to deliver unprecedented performance across the Cloud, SurfProtect Quantum is the single best choice of content filtering software for businesses and schools.

SurfProtect Quantum contains a huge range of features previously only available through hardware-based content filtering, while adding in a whole lot more options for users. That means we're able to offer incredible content filtering performance at an impressively low cost - especially with the discount available for Exa connectivity customers.

Built to provide complete protection and unmatched flexibility, SurfProtect Quantum lets you build a filtering policy that works for you, while providing Prevent Duty compliance right out the box. Right now, SurfProtect Quantum is in early access, as our team work to incorporate even more incredible features!

Throughout this website, you'll find more information about what makes SurfProtect Quantum the most advanced content filtering service to date. If you'd like to discuss your filtering requirements - and find out how SurfProtect Quantum can support them, get in touch with our team today at 0345 145 1234.

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